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June 13, 2020
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Dog Days Options For Travelers With Pets

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You've planned out your vacation and the time is coming near. Instead of being totally ready and excited, you've realized you haven't planned for your family pooch. What should you do? You're not going to cancel your trip, but you can't have fun unless you know your dog is going to be well cared for.As I see it, there are possibly four options available to you regarding your dog and your vacation.1. Bring him along. This option has become easier as many hotels and destination resorts are now catering to the family pet. The higher end resorts will even pamper him with doggy daycare which includes grooming, his own couch, and TV privileges. Even if you're not staying at one of these resorts, you'll find smaller hotels, condos, and rental units now allow dogs.This option works best if you're driving to your vacation destination, and not too far a drive at that. Flying does not make this choice feasible, unless your dog is small enough to bring onboard in an approved carry-on crate.2. Leave him at a family member's house. Your dog probably won't even miss you if he's been over to your brother's house on occasion. This is even more true if your brother has a dog buddy to play with.However, if you're not able to return the favor, things could get awkward. It makes no sense to cause resentment among your extended family when you have other options.3. Board him at a kennel. You can rest assured your dog will be properly cared for and he'll get his meals on time. He might even get to play with the other dogs. If your dog likes to create mischief at home and can't be trusted, then a kennel may be a good choice. Also, if he needs medical attention, you know there will be someone around to attend to him.Not all dogs do well in kennels and since you know your dog's personality best, you can tour a few dog kennels and decide for yourself. 4. Hire a pet sitter to come to your home for visits. This choice may give you peace of mind because your dog gets to stay in the environment he knows and loves best. He gets to sleep in his own bed, eat his own food, and smell all the smells he is familiar with. The downside would be if your dog can't be trusted to be lose in your home, or even a room in your home, he will have to be in his crate when the pet sitter is not visiting. This can be forever to some dogs who are young or bigger dogs who don't have a lot of room to move around in the crate.These are four options available to you regarding your dog and your vacation. As you can see, there are pros and cons to each. Check them out thoroughly and make your decision based on your circumstances plus your dog's personality and needs.


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