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November 26, 2020
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Which Gender Makes A Better Pet?

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When determining whether a male or female dog is a better pet there are some questions you will need to answer, concerning what exactly you want in a pet. For instance, when considering character and personality, the gender of a dog does not really matter. This type of decision depends upon how a puppy behaves and acts towards people while still in its litter.

On the other hand, if you are searching for an overall better pet and want to know the difference in male and female, you will factor in other aspects of the breed, such as the level of care, temperament and size.

Selecting a Female Dog

Normally a female dog is warmer in temperament and smaller. Keep in mind however; some male dogs that are affectionate animals. For home with small children, many dog breeders and trainers recommend having a female dog. It seems that the maternal instincts of a female dog causes them to be the friendly ideal in a house with children, however many males are also protective of children in a household.

If you find concern in a female dogs' cycle of heat, do not let this hinder you from selecting a female. To solve this problem ideally, you should have a female dog spayed. This will eliminate any bleeding and any unwanted puppies in the future. Keep in mind, that there are female dogs that are just as challenging, if not more, as any male dog when it comes to behavior.

Selecting a Male Dog

Sometimes caring for a male dog can be trickier than caring for females. Male dogs are quite clever when disappearing when there is a female in heat nearby. Not only does this create problems for you, but also it is dangerous for the dog. Since so many male dogs injure themselves or even, die while attempting to get away and search for a female in heat. It makes practical sense to neuter a male since fights with other dogs and oncoming traffic may otherwise kill them.

Male dogs are territorial of their space, whether it is inside or outside the house, this can be anything from a female dog to his bathroom area. Males can become very aggressive when he feels his space is being invaded by other dogs and is always willing to put up a fight to keep his territorial space.

Territorial urination by lifting its leg up as high as possible while urinating is another male dog habit. Normally, this behavior is no problem, unless this territorial urination happens inside the home.

Keep in mind that a male dog tends to have an abundance of energy and loves to play. Males are more active while having better endurance than that of a female dog. Perhaps this is the reason male dogs are favored more for jobs in law enforcement.


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