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March 19, 2020
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Creative Methods for Organizing Family Photos

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The majority of families have hundreds of photos stored in drawers, bins, and albums, and you might not be any different. You might even have a strategy or a few good ideas of how you would like to get these pictures organized one day. The tough thing is that it is quite easy to keep putting off doing this job since it is somewhat time consuming and requires effort. If it is a high priority for you to organize your family photos then follow the tips below and you will do just fine.

Plan on Protecting Your Pictures

Your greatest priority in storing your photos should be to save from any harm that could occur during their time in storage. At times your photos could get damaged even if they are stored in albums. As an example, one style of album called a "magnetic" album will likely cause your photos to stick which might eventually lead to harm. Your pictures could also get hurt if they are being stored in albums that are not specifically acid-free. Pictures can often become bent, ripped, and damaged in other ways if they are merely stashed in boxes or crates. While pictures that are just prints of digital files may always be reprinted, you still have to very carefully store vintage pictures to prevent damage. You may not even have the original negatives for a few of your favorite pictures. You are at risk of losing those pictures forever if they are damaged beyond repair. Before this happens, you should make plans for safe photograph storage. There are many great ways to keep your pictures safe, including scrapbook albums, boxes made expecially for holding photos, and bins that are specifically made from acid-free materials. Of course, you might also wish to display some of your favorite pictures, even if you want to keep the originals stored with the rest of your archived pictures. You'll even be able to exhibit those vintage photographs in picture frames if you simply take the time to copy them and make copies. You might even be able to improve the look of them on a computer program if there are markings from stains, rips, or creases.

Making the Perfect Photo Album

Although there probably really is not any such thing as the "perfect picture album," there are album styles that can be the best thing for a specific need you've got in mind. You may, for example, desire to sort your photos in a certain way such as by subject, chronology, or some other idea you may have. So long as the sorting technique works for you, there is nothing wrong with it. If your photos are currently stuffed into boxes without any semblance of order, it might take a bit of time and also effort to get them all categorized. You may be able to get this job done rather quickly if you simply dedicate a whole table and a couple days of your time to doing the task. When they are all organized you might count them and figure out exactly how many albums or perhaps scrapbooks you will need to have in order to find a place for them all. If you cannot afford to purchase these albums all at once, set a goal of purchasing and completing one album each month, or whatever arrangement fits both your time schedule and your budget. As you are sorting your photos, you are likely to find some favorite pictures that you haven't seen in years. Displaying these favorites in picture frames can be a great way of enjoying them all over again.

So don't stress anymore and begin organizing your photos today!


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