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August 21, 2020
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Potty Training: Stop Your Dogs Mess

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Do you have a new addition to your family in the form of cute, furry puppy? Your pup may be cute now, but not for long if it is continually making mistakes and accidents on your expensive carpet. The most important thing you can do when introducing your pet to its new home is to properly housebreak it. It might not be easy to stop the potty mess, but with patience and perseverance, it can be done.

Most people introduce their pups to newspapers. Usually what is done is old newspaper is laid out on the floor, especially in the area where your pet likes to frequent as his restroom. Also, there are scented drops that may be purchased at any pet store retailer that can be applied to the newspaper. The scent gives off an odor to the dog, so when he must do his business, it will encourage him to use only the newspaper, and not your expensive Berber carpet as his bathroom. Although the newspaper can be used as a training device, it really is only a quick and temporary fix to a puppy messing in the house, and shouldn't be considered for the long term.

A more popular, and proven method to stop the potty messes, for the long term, is to kennel or crate train your puppy. Not only will this teach your pet restraint, but it will encourage him not to mess where he sleeps or eats. Crate training should never, in any way, be used as punishment, but as a method to encourage your pup to hold his business, and create a safe and comfortable space that is truly his own.

Be sure to lay some comfortable old towels or blankets in the crate, along with your pets favorite toys. Introduce your pet to the crate by placing a cookie inside, and securing the gate behind him. Let him become acquainted for about 15 to 30 minutes despite his cries and anguish. When you go to release him, walk with him to the outside area very quickly, and then encourage him to do his business there. Be sure to make a big deal about it when he does his business in the right place. Repeat this several times a day, adding increments of about 15 minutes to his stay in the crate, not to ever exceed four hours. Never stop praising your pet when he does his business outdoors, as positive reinforcement will only continue to encourage him.

Regardless if your dog is a pup, or just needs to be retrained, the process of housebreaking is a fairly simple process. However, it will take awhile and will require patience from both of you. The pay off in the end is definitely worth it. You will have a mess free house, a housebroken pet, and you will both have a better relationship based on your efforts. By training your dog using consistency, love and patience, you really can stop the potty mess!


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