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10 Jun 20
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Do's And Don'ts On Proper Dog Training!
Your puppy is definitely learning. The thing is - how do you get the dog to master good habits and NOT really bad habits? Puppies understand things really differently as compared to us people, so very often if you are teaching your dog (or even whenever you believe you are NOT) you might be really making behavior problems even worse!You should not respond to demands for attention from your canine.
13 Jun 20
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Dog Days Options For Travelers With Pets
You've planned out your vacation and the time is coming near. Instead of being totally ready and excited, you've realized you haven't planned for your family pooch. What should you do? You're not going to cancel your trip, but you can't have fun unless you know your dog is going to be well cared for.
17 Jul 20
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Dog Houses - A Dog Essential
When you think of dog houses the first image that pops into your head maybe that of a certain beagle who was also a World War One flying ace atop his red wooden dog house. But now dog houses have gone beyond the traditional a-frame to include styles and sizes to suit any dog. And finding the right one is important for both you and your pet.
21 Aug 20
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Our Favorite Medium Dog Bed Picks
Sometimes, dogs like to just stretch out on the carpet or on the cool tile. But the majority of the time, they want and enjoy a comfortable bed the same way that their owners do. You can find the perfect bed for your medium sized dog. These beds are not only comfortable for your pet, but they're easy to take care of and long lasting as well.
15 Oct 20
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What Exactly Is Catnip, Anyway?
Catnip, or Nepeta Cataria to be appropriately scientific and technical about it, is a perennial herb of the mint family. When one asks "What is catnip" one could also be referring to catwort or catmint. It's obvious enough by the name catnip that we are dealing with an association to the feline persuasion. The cats on catnip effect will be addressed momentarily.
04 Nov 20
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What to Look for in a Leash and Collar for Your Canine
Before deciding which collar and leash will be best for your dog, consider how these items will be used. This will help you get the collar and leash that are best for you and your pet.You need to have an appropriate collar for your dog.
08 Nov 20
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What To Look For When Adopting A Dog
Whether you are adopting a dog from a shelter or from a breeder, there are several things you must keep in mind before you begin to look for the right dog for you and your family.
26 Nov 20
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Which Gender Makes A Better Pet?
When determining whether a male or female dog is a better pet there are some questions you will need to answer, concerning what exactly you want in a pet. For instance, when considering character and personality, the gender of a dog does not really matter. This type of decision depends upon how a puppy behaves and acts towards people while still in its litter.
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